Thursday, January 01, 2009

the bourbon sessions

from naples, recorded at goof city December 18, 2008. two songs improvised, two versions of vu's what goes on:

* what goes on (codeine)

* Wait for the Drummer

* Halogen 90

* what goes on (caffeine)

from the mushroom diaries recorded at the mainroom May 2005, under the influence of teonánacatl. everything was improvised. two songs:

* all my fantasies

* the best rooms

from once again recorded in november 2004. everything was improvised. three songs:

* a and six, 1966

* sexual frustration

* the yo la song

from the boubon sessions recorded at the mainroom September 2003. everything was improvised. two songs:

* 14th floor, no more

* mercy killing